Hi, I’m ek. I guess this is the part where I introduce myself in an interesting and unique way such that reading this is worth your time and you don’t immediately leave. Attention is a scarce resource after all.

However, I would actually prefer to not introduce myself. I would prefer to let my words speak for themselves–my words here and in what I write about on this site. So let me introduce you to my site.

To be unique to be authentic

I see this site as my tiny island in the vastness of the internet. It does not try to compete with other islands since I believe this would mean it’s not trying to be unique. Competition can only exist between parties that want the same thing.

However, is this true? Even if an island is trying to be unique, from the visitor’s perspective, it still competes with every other island, unwillingly or not. A visitor can only be at one island at a time after all. Additionally, the desire to be unique is not unique among islands. A visitor doesn’t care what you want. A visitor cares what you provide.

Does this mean competition is a matter of perspective? Maybe so. But more importantly, it means that competition can only exist between parties that provide the same thing.

Therefore, the goal of this site is to provide you something unique. It eliminates competition by stepping out of it and embracing its quirks. It’s very much like finding a niche in which you naturally fit in a way that others can’t. Maybe this is the ultimate competition: to be unique to be authentic.

In any way, this whole site is meant to be a complex search query to find fascinating people. I will leave my introduction at this for now.

Why don’t you introduce yourself to me now?